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Zio Ambulatory ECG Patch

The Zio ambulatory ECG patch is a new way to continuously record the electrical activity of your heart while you go about your daily routine. ‘Ambulatory’ means that you are not required to be stationary, as is the case during a typical ECG recording in a clinic. Many heart problems are only detectable during activity and will not appear in a brief test in your doctor’s office. The patch is delivered to your home address and inside the box are clear instructions on how to apply it to the chest. The device can record an ECG for between one and fourteen days and, once applied to your chest, you can exercise and shower as normal (after 24 hours). When the recording period is complete, simply remove the patch and return it by post using the box supplied. Your recording will be analysed typically within two days and a report sent to your Cardiologist for review. 

iRhythm Tecnologies Ltd | New Technologies

(Image courtesy of iRhythm Technologies Ltd)

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