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Changes to Private Clinics in Response to Covid-19

I am writing to inform you that even though usual Outpatients Clinics have been suspended, I am still accepting new patient referrals and seeing follow-up patients. I am conducting consultations as telephone and video-link appointments via our Virtual Clinics.  These types of appointments have been agreed upon by most of the health insurance companies, in order to safeguard patients in these difficult times. The platform used for our virtual clinics is secure, encrypted and free to download.

Use of New Technology

I have introduced both the AliveCor Kardia Electrode and the Zio patch to allow remote monitoring in the era of lockdown and social distancing.

Kardia 6L

The Kardia 6L electrode is a novel technology which allows the patient to record their own ECG using a smartphone or tablet. A PDF of the ECG can then be emailed for consultant review.

Zio Patch

The Zio is delivered to the patient, who applies the adhesive patch directly to the chest wall. A holter can then record for between 1 to 14 days, after which the patch will then be sent in the post for analysis.

Cardiac Diagnostics and Urgent Cardiac Procedures

As you will be aware most of the private providers are now providing care for NHS patients, rather than private patients. This means that access to diagnostic tests is much more limited, however I am able to access diagnostics, such as ECHO, for urgent time-critical patients. Urgent cardiac procedures, such as pacemakers, are also possible for time-critical cases. There are strict criteria to determine if a patient is eligible as an urgent case and if you have any queries or concerns please contact me to organise an appointment.

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